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Tayler Easton is the Director of Corporate Sales and Partnerships for Varsity Spirit. A lifelong cheerleader and millennial, Tayler helps brands find the perfect opportunities to engage with Varsity Spirit’s core demographic – four million cheerleaders and dancers ages 5-22. You can find Tayler on LinkedIn, at a Clemson football game, or shoot her an email at teaston@varsity.com.

Millennials and Self-Gifting

The holiday season has come and gone, but besides using it as a chance to exchange gifts with family and friends, the holidays have come to be a prime time to “treat yo’self.” This treat yo’self mentality is a trend that Millennials are catching onto, and it’s beginning to change the way young people view [...]

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The Role of Celebrities in Youth Marketing

Among the individuals and groups who hold the strongest influence over Gen Z’s and Millennials’ highly-moldable lives and choices are celebrities. While the definition of what a celebrity is might vary depending on your social location, more than half of young people report actively following celebrities. This is a powerful reminder that celebrity culture matters [...]

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Gen Z Marketing Lessons for 2019

It’s safe to say that 2018 was a rollercoaster of events. For young people, 2018 was a particularly turbulent year, with many highs and some lows as well. Let’s take a look at what the past year has been like for this young generation, “Gen Z,” and what they’re hoping for in 2019. Gen Z [...]

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The Impact of Social Media – A Review

2018 featured record highs, as well as some lows as well for the top social media platforms. Let’s review some of these changes and new features, and take a look at how different users reacted to them throughout the year. Several of the top social media platforms introduced brand new features in 2018. For instance, [...]

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