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Connecting to Centennials

Centennials, those people born between 1997 and the present, make up a significant portion of today’s youth marketplace. As businesses strategize on how to maximize their appeal to this important audience, it can be helpful for them to also be mindful of some key changes this group will be experiencing in 2017. Understanding these changes [...]

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What Centennials Want

Generational differences are certainly nothing new. It’s very common for older generations to be unaware of, baffled by, or misunderstand the lifestyles, preferences, and decisions of young generations, teenagers in particular. However, in today’s technology-driven and rapidly changing society, these generational changes seem to be faster and more dramatic than ever before. This has often [...]

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The Pulse of Gen Z Trends for 2017

One of the largest, most influential consumer groups in the current marketplace is Generation Z. This generation, also known as Centennials, encompasses the global youth population, a group comprising millions of youth eager to make their mark on the current culture. These young yet very influential consumers are passionate about maintaining brand authenticity and originality [...]

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Understanding Influencer Marketing

Our current culture is one that is constantly advancing and evolving. Marketing is no exception. Indeed, digital marketing in our modern age is beginning to look significantly different than it has in years past. This is due to the advent of influencer marketing. This type of marketing relies on digitally famous individuals who are paid [...]

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Understanding Centennials

To older generations, the Centennial generation may seem like an impossible enigma. Characterized by speed, innovation, and experimentation, Centennials are a challenging generation for marketers to understand much less successfully reach. The fact that such a complex generation holds so much power and influence in the current marketplace can certainly be intimidating for marketers. However, [...]

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Centennial Marketing – Understanding The New Youth Marketplace

With millions of eager, influential members, the Centennials and young Millennials who make up today’s youth marketplace represent one of the largest and most important audiences for marketers to reach. However, as culture constantly evolves, the youth marketplace also looks different from year to year. This year is no exception. Understanding these shifts in Centennials’ [...]

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Millennial Technology Trends

In recent decades, technology has been one of the predominant driving forces in changing the way that people relate to each other. However, the way that different generations use this technology varies quite drastically. One of the generations that is most responsible for transforming the way that technology is used is the Millennial generation. The [...]

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Gen Z Marketing Insights

Throughout the years, generations have engaged culture in various ways in order to transform it into very distinct eras. In the past few decades, influential generations included Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. More recently, however, there is a new generation that is rapidly shaping the culture we live in. The Centennial generation, more commonly referred [...]

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