Centennials are growing up in a world dominated by technology and social media. Social media now affects almost every aspect of Centennials’ lives, from how they make and keep friends to how they form their opinions about the world. In order to understand Centennials and their identity, it is crucial to determine in what specific ways social media is affecting how Centennials live their lives and how they view others and themselves.

Cultural Connection

One way that social media affects Centennial identity is by serving as a medium for people of both similar and different cultural backgrounds to support and connect with each other. One of the most prominent benefits that social media provides for its users is the ability to build a community with people from all over the world. For example, if a young person experiences bullying in school, the ability to discuss these issues on social media and seek advice from others who have experienced similar things can be invaluable.

Centennials not only use social media as a way to connect with people in support of each other, but they also use social media to promote their personal views on social issues. Centennials then expect the brands they engage with to also publicly promote the values that they stand for. While Centennials may not necessarily agree with the stance that a brand takes, they will respect the brand’s willingness to promote authenticity and transparency.

World News

In the technology-dominated culture that is characteristic of the world that Centennials are growing up in, Centennials have access to almost unlimited information right at their fingertips. Staying up-to-date on current world news is now easier than ever, and Centennials are taking advantage of this convenience by using social media.

As a generation, Centennials are quite practical, and despite their young age, they want to stay current with world events. This desire for knowledge coupled with the prevalence of technology results in Centennials’ use of such social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat to see what’s happening in the world. Conventional news sources such as newspapers and TV news channels are slowly being replaced with convenient social media platforms that can be viewed anywhere and anytime.

Social Issues Platform

Centennials are a generation who care deeply about social issues. With passionate, unapologetic opinions, Centennials want to make their voices heard. Centennials realize that they have access to one of the most effective mediums to do just that in the form of social media. Because of its convenience and influence, Centennials use social media to promote social justice causes and to raise awareness about injustices occurring in the world. Centennials realize that social media, while indeed providing entertainment and leisure, is also a critical tool in bringing about true, lasting change in the world. In order to successfully engage the Centennial generation, brands must utilize authentic and inspiring brand messaging that will speak to a greater, meaningful cause and thereby resonate with Centennials.

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