Disney Partnership

Varsity Spirit has been a partner with Disney for 25 years and hosts nearly 200K athletes and spectators at seven of the nation’s most premier cheerleading and dance events at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. The growth of these events has been so strong that last year Disney built “The Arena”, the first building in the world designed specifically for cheer and dance competitions.

The Arena is the third indoor facility at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex at the Walt Disney World Resort– the 300,000 square foot area has 8000 seats and can host up to four events at the same time.

In addition to hosting seven premier championship events, the Walt Disney World Resort also serves as the host of several Special Events for some of the nation’s top cheerleaders and dancers selected at Varsity Spirit Summer Camps.

The Varsity Spirit Spectacular is held annually in late November and gives captains and co-captains from their respective teams the opportunity to participate in a pre-parade performance in a Walt Disney World Park.

The Varsity Spirit Thanksgiving Tour offers a once in a lifetime experience for cheerleaders and dancers on Junior High and Junior Varsity Cheerleading and dance teams selected at a Varsity Spirit Camp.


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