Generation Z, the global youth population, is quickly taking over the current marketplace. With ages ranging from young teenagers to adults in their early twenties, this group represents one of the largest generations in the world and consequently one of the most influential groups in determining how different brands successfully engage their consumers. A technology-dominated group, Gen Zers are rapidly changing the way that the world looks, and in order to keep up with these changes, brands must understand and adapt to the mobile-reliance culture that characterizes Gen Z consumers.


Gen Zers have grown up in a world where they have ready, easy access to information through technology at any time. In fact, most Gen Zers have been familiar with smartphones and laptops since they were young children. Growing up with this mobile-reliant mindset has influenced the way that Gen Zers interact with information and the brands that provide such information.

Gen Zers now rely almost solely on their mobile devices for obtaining information about the world around them. From news to banking to social media, Gen Zers use their mobile devices in their daily lives to accomplish even the most basic of tasks. This kind of reliance on mobile technology has held numerous implications for companies, as they’ve had to adapt how they interact and engage with consumers.

Brands that have historically relied on non-digital content mediums such as magazines or even television and radio have had to rethink the way they connect with consumers because Gen Zers, one of the primary consumer bases, simply don’t resonate with these outdated marketing strategies. This Gen Z reliance on mobile technology has required even companies who are not technology focused to become increasingly mobile-friendly in order to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Retail and Mobile Technology

One such area that is becoming more mobile-friendly to appeal to Gen Zers is the retail industry. Gen Zers now have the ability to shop for almost anything on-the-go from their mobile devices, a convenience that most Gen Zers now take advantage of instead of shopping in-store. Therefore, ensuring that retail stores have easy-to-use, mobile-friendly sites is paramount in reaching Gen Zers. In light of Gen Zers’ desire for brand authenticity and originality, retailers have recently begun using seemingly more relatable, credible micro-influences in place of popular celebrities in their marketing campaigns.

In addition to authenticity, Gen Zers also appreciate speed and conciseness. Therefore, retailers must learn how to make their products appeal to a Gen Zer shopping a mobile site in a matter of only a few seconds. For a Gen Zer, these few seconds while scrolling through a site’s mobile page can make the difference between a sale and their leaving for another retailer. While Gen Zers do not appreciate gimmicks, they do respect creativity and efficiency. Thus, combining original products with efficient mobile technology will result in the most effective marketing strategy to engage Gen Zers.

Varsity Spirit Partnering with Leading Consumer Brands

Varsity Spirit is partnering with our corporate brands to help effectively position them on the technology platforms most effectively used by youth markets including embracing a mobile-only focus.  Varsity Spirit is here to support your brand.  To learn more contact our sponsorship representatives by clicking here.