Millennials and Self-Gifting

The holiday season has come and gone, but besides using it as a chance to exchange gifts with family and friends, the holidays have come to be a prime time to “treat yo’self.” This treat yo’self mentality is a trend that Millennials are catching onto, and it’s beginning to change the way young people view [...]

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The Role of Celebrities in Youth Marketing

Among the individuals and groups who hold the strongest influence over Gen Z’s and Millennials’ highly-moldable lives and choices are celebrities. While the definition of what a celebrity is might vary depending on your social location, more than half of young people report actively following celebrities. This is a powerful reminder that celebrity culture matters [...]

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Gen Z Marketing Lessons for 2019

It’s safe to say that 2018 was a rollercoaster of events. For young people, 2018 was a particularly turbulent year, with many highs and some lows as well. Let’s take a look at what the past year has been like for this young generation, “Gen Z,” and what they’re hoping for in 2019. Gen Z [...]

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The Impact of Social Media – A Review

2018 featured record highs, as well as some lows as well for the top social media platforms. Let’s review some of these changes and new features, and take a look at how different users reacted to them throughout the year. Several of the top social media platforms introduced brand new features in 2018. For instance, [...]

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Take Note: Millennials Are Alert Media Consumers

Millennials are incredibly savvy media consumers. They’re the first generation to experience non-traditional news sources as a norm, yet they’re also highly critical of sources that aren’t considered truthful. In fact, Ypulse - a leading authority on young consumers – recently found that 74% of 18 to 36-year-olds identify ‘fake news’ as one of the [...]

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Charitable Teens Make Loyal Customers

Brand loyalty begins in youth.  Teenagers are selective and continually on the lookout for brands that care, and this is especially true of teens who volunteer.  These charitable consumers enjoy supporting nonprofits and support brands that do the same.  When you connect with these special teens, you potentially score lifelong customers. Who are these teens? [...]

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Snapchat and Instagram: A Battle for the Time of Centennials and Millennials

Instagram and Snapchat are two of the most popular apps among today’s youth. For both Millennials and Centennials, being able to capture moments through their day and share those special moments with their friends and family is one of the hallmarks of these technologically savvy generations. However, while these generations certainly use technology more [...]

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Centennials: How New Perspectives Are Changing Markets

The Centennial generation represents a significant societal departure from the culture and global outlook of previous older generations such as Millennials and Gen Xers. Since Centennials make up the global youth population, they represent an extraordinarily powerful and influential presence in the current marketplace. As brands eager to reach Centennials look for ways to effectively [...]

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Gen Z, a Generation Dominated by Mobile-Reliance

Generation Z, the global youth population, is quickly taking over the current marketplace. With ages ranging from young teenagers to adults in their early twenties, this group represents one of the largest generations in the world and consequently one of the most influential groups in determining how different brands successfully engage their consumers. A technology-dominated [...]

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