Teens can be loyal to many brands

There seems to be a misunderstanding that teen consumers lack brand loyalty and brands lack ways to reach them.  Not so, says Joeri Van den Bergh, author of How Cool Brands Stay Hot.  Van den Bergh notes that youth consumers are not disloyal to brands, but, loyal to many brands. How can you become one of the brands youth are loyal to?  Through relevant messages delivered through platforms they prefer such as Varsity Spirit’s social networks.

What platforms?

When it comes to getting your brand’s messaging to teens, TV is out and online is in.  According to a recent Freshers Marketing Report, students spend more time online than they do watching television or socializing with friends. When they’re online, 97% of respondents check Facebook and 45% visit Twitter.  Other popular places teens congregate online are Instagram and Snapchat.

Mobile is key

For the most part, teens are increasingly visiting their favorite online communities via smartphones, rather than desktops.  Whether they’re on the bus headed to school or in their parents’ cars after cheerleading practice, teens are always on the go.  Connecting with them via mobile is essential.

What they want

When teens are on their phones they want two things from brands:  material gain or entertainment.  Material gain includes things like free products, good discounts or winnable competitions.  Entertainment includes things like videos and funny memes.  What these teens don’t want is conversation.  Almost half of respondents said explicitly that they do not want to talk to brands using social media.

Varsity Spirit and Our Corporate Partners

Varsity Spirit works alongside our corporate partners to help them be useful, relevant and entertaining to teenage consumers.  These young consumers could very well become lifelong customers.  Contact us today, and let’s start the conversation about how we can get your brand in front of millions of the nation’s most spirited and influential teen leaders.