Influencer Programs

The Varsity Intelligence Team: Varsity “IT” Girl Program is comprised of 130 of the best and brightest cheerleaders and dancers across the country. By actively participating in discussions, providing thoughtful feedback on new and potential products, and sharing their experiences with Varsity Spirit and our partnered brands, this exclusive group of Varsity IT Girls delivers direct and immediate insight from the athletes we serve. The six meeting locations consist of Anaheim, CA, Dallas, TX, Memphis, TN, Indianapolis, IN, Orlando, FL and New Brunswick, NJ. There is an annual meeting to share thoughts on topics and actively participate in lively discussions about new programs, products and ideas, and how Varsity Spirit can bring them to life. Product launches, tests and campaigns from outside brands and partners have been presented to the IT Girls for assessment and feedback regularly. The IT Girl research and development group is the ideal asset for centennial outreach.

Varsity All Star Fashionistas and Fashion Guys: These individuals are a group of all star athletes ages that are chosen to represent Varsity All Star Fashion in catalogs, videos and marketing campaigns. This exclusive group consists of athletes with dynamic looks and personalities that have a passion for all star cheerleading, and are excited to represent Varsity Spirit and its partners throughout the season.

Varsity Spirit is partnering with our corporate sponsors to help effectively position them on the technology platforms most effectively used by youth markets and the athletes we serve. This may be a joint effort between partnered Tweets, collaborative Snapchat efforts or promotional posts on Instagram. Varsity Spirit is here to support your brand. For more information on Varsity Spirit Influencer Marketing, visit our latest insights.


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